eCommerce Websites for Businesses


您是否需要企业对企业(B2B)网站或企业对消费者(B2C)解决方案, Digital Division has the eCommerce development team to make you proud. We design websites with customer experience as a top priority, and we will build your eCommerce site to be user-friendly, mobile-first, intuitive, and of course—beautiful!

Digital Division拥有一支经验丰富的网页开发人员和设计师团队,他们可以为您带来运营在线商店的愿景. 我们可以指导你建立虚拟商店的整个过程. We also have eCommerce website experts who can help you:

  • Add products to your store
  • Understand the importance of professional product photos
  • Integrate with other software programs
  • Develop a mobile-first site
  • Deal with taxes
  • Do business around the world
  • Deal with product shipping
  • Determine which eCommerce platform is right for your business
  • Handle reporting for taxes, inventory, return on investment, and more

No matter the size of your business dreams or budget, 我们可以帮助你小心翼翼地进入数字市场,一次一个脚趾,或者带着炮弹飞溅.

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Things to Consider When Starting an ECommerce Store

当你开始一个新的网上商店或将你的商店转移到一个新的平台时,有许多因素需要考虑. You want to find the right solution for your business, and not every solution is right for every company or industry.

You want to think about:

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The Number of Options Your Products Have

If your online shop offers products that have seven or more options, you may need a more robust eCommerce solution. For instance, if you have a furniture store that sells chairs, how many options are available for the chairs? If customers can choose the fabric, the arm style, the color, the size, the height, the wood stain, and whether or not to add casters, 你可能会想要使用一个电子商务解决方案,允许客户进行大量的选择.

How You Will Handle Taxes

States have differing laws about collecting taxes; even eCommerce stores are required to collect taxes. 你应该和你的财务顾问或税务专家谈谈你将如何征税. 您的电子商务网站团队可以帮助您了解如何将税收收集纳入您的结帐过程.

Selecting a Shipping Carrier

向客户发货是运营电子商务业务的一大组成部分, so you will need to figure out which carrier you will ship with. For instance, will you use FedEx, UPS, or will you do most of your shipping through the postal service? 如果你将dropshipping,你还需要考虑哪些供应商,你想要与之合作.

Can You Take Your Website With You?

另一个重要的决定因素是你是否可以带着你的网站, or are you tied to the eCommerce platform you are considering?

For example, both Shopify and BigCommerce are well known eCommerce platforms, but it’s important for you to understand that they own your website. If you are unhappy with their services for any reason, you can’t take your website to a different eCommerce builder. You would have to start over.

If you want to have flexibility and freedom to choose, 你要小心那些要求你绝对忠诚的电子商务建设者.

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GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) Privacy Solution

当你经营一个在线商店时,你需要考虑隐私法规. 对于你来说,拥有GDPR插件并遵守全球其他隐私法律是很重要的, depending on where you are doing business. 确保你的电子商务解决方案让你很容易遵守隐私法律,无论你在哪里做生意.

Site Security

Security is important on all internet websites, 但对于处理客户个人信息和支付信息的电子商务网站来说,这一点尤其重要. SSL/TLS encryption is necessary to protect consumer data.

Refund/Return Policy

你还需要考虑你的退款和退货政策将是什么. 顾客必须被告知他们有权退货以及退货的时间范围. 退货/换货政策对客户来说很重要,所以不要让它成为事后的想法.

A few more things to think about:

  • Would you like to incorporate product reviews?
  • 你会允许客户列出愿望清单或喜欢的物品吗?
  • Would you like to set up an abandoned cart feature, such as sending emails to customers who have not checked out?
  • Is it important for your site to load quickly?
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Must-Have Features on Your ECommerce Website

你可能至少对你的网上商店的布局和设计以及你想让你的商店营造的氛围有一个想法, 但是什么功能会让你的商店在网上脱颖而出呢?

Must Be Easy for Customers to Use - For starters, your store has to be user-friendly. Customers need an intuitive interface that allows them to shop, browse, and add products to their shopping carts easily and without hassle. 他们还想要一个不太复杂或花费太多时间的结账体验. Bonus: Make sure to have a number of payment options for customers, such as Apple Pay, PayPal, Stripe, etc. 这可能意味着你会从经常使用这些支付方式的客户那里获得更多的销售.

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Easy for You to Use - You also want your online store to be easy for you to use. You need to be able to add product pages, product category pages, and product descriptions to the site quickly and easily. You should be able to incorporate sales, discounts, 而推广并不需要开发者的持续帮助. The best eCommerce websites improve life for everyone.

Mobile-First Design - In today’s mobile world, you must have a mobile-first design. Most people shop with their phones, 而且你的商店需要方便顾客在移动设备上浏览. 你的网站设计应该让手机版腾讯分分彩票机浏览变得简单和愉快,因为手机版腾讯分分彩票机在线购物者仍然想要一个愉快的购物体验.

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Professional Product Photos - Product photos make or break eCommerce websites. Invest in professional product photography, 找到一个电子商务解决方案,让你可以快速轻松地添加照片. 如果你找不到自己的摄影师,数码事业部提供专业的产品摄影服务. 您将有客户点击“添加到购物车”按钮在任何时间.

Custom Solutions for Your ECommerce Needs

If you are ready to do business online, 你需要与电子商务网站开发团队合作,他们知道如何定制适合你业务需求的商店. 我们为客户使用WordPress和WooCommerce,因为我们相信这是所有类型企业的最佳电子商务平台. This platform integrates well with Amazon, EBay, and allows for diverse payment integration, creativity, and customization while still being user-friendly and fast.

我们的网页设计师和开发者为我们的电子商务客户提供支持, 因此,你可以自信地认为,你将拥有所需的技术专长和帮助, when you need it.

What Makes Digital Division a Top ECommerce Development Company?

网上购物的公司可以帮助你建立你的网上商店? Here’s what to look for in an eCommerce website development team.

  1. 你想找一个有经验的公司开发电子商务解决方案,可以向你展示结果. Ask us for a portfolio of eCommerce sites we’ve built.
  2. Our team is devoted to user experience, client satisfaction, and business success for you, and we don’t stop until you are happy.
  3. Our company prioritizes reliable, 有效的沟通,因为报告和对话在几乎任何商业活动中都是必不可少的.
  4. Because Digital Division is headquartered in the Midwest, we are more affordable than a coastal web development company. You know that your money is going to your site.
  5. 我们致力于在移动设备上建立良好的网站. You might say that mobile is our specialty.
  6. Digital Division is a full-service digital marketing company, 这意味着我们也可以为你的商店的产品设立付费搜索广告活动,并在你的网站上加入搜索引擎优化(SEO). 你可以获得更多的潜在买家到你的商店,而不需要雇用多个公司或投资多个营销渠道(除非你想).


Roll Out the Doormat to Your ECommerce Shop Today

选择正确的电子商务网站设计和开发团队是你网店成功的关键. 我们知道,你希望你的网站访问者喜欢你的商店,并有一个美妙的用户体验. Our brains are here for the picking, 所以,请随时提出更多手机版腾讯分分彩票建立你的电子商务商店的问题. We’ve got your free design and development consultation right here!